Pixel 2 filters once again: these would be your specifications

We approach dangerously to the date of the presentation of the next Pixel phones (and other devices ), but to the step that we will not be left to Google anything to present that we did not already know. Now Android Authority echoes, even more, information on what we can expect from the upcoming Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones.

There are not many novelties in this leak so the main interest is the reaffirmation of previous rumors and small nuances.

After this new wave, basically the only thing we have to confirm are the diagonals of the screens and the amount of RAM included.

No minijack, with stereo speakers

Rumors have long been contradicting whether the second generation of Pixel will dispense with the minijack. After all, the presence of the same was used last year as a throwing weapon against Apple, who had presented his iPhone 7 a few weeks before.

This latest filtration also supports that you will not have minijack, in exchange for including stereo speakers. The Pixel 2 would include in its box some USB headsets, although it is not clear if it will be offered in all the markets.

What we have quite clear is that it will be powered by Snapdragon 835 with an indeterminate amount of RAM (the Pixel has 4 GB, so that’s the starting point) and the amount of storage available would be 64 GB and 128 GB. A new feature is the capacity of the battery: the Pixel 2 would have a battery of 2,700 mAh and the Pixel 2 XL of 3,520 mAh. As a comparison, Pixel has 2,770 mAh battery and 3,450 mAh Pixel XL.

Single camera with optical stabilization

With a thousand and one leaks of the appearance of the Pixel phones it was difficult to think that they would bring a dual camera configuration, but just in case someone was left with the hope, sorry, but not: it will include what it calls Pixel Camera with optical image stabilization and Google imaging chip.

In previous rumors, we gathered that this Pixel 2 would add to the fashion of including a portrait mode as so many phones have done lately. Having a single lens, you will have to make use of algorithms and computation, which sounds a hundred percent like something Google would do.

FHD and QHD screens

As for its screens, the normal version would still have a screen with Full HD resolution, while the Pixel XL 2 would raise the bet to the QHD, just like in the first generation. Both screens with Gorilla Glass 5, but only the largest of the Pixel 2 XL will have rounded edges and Wide Color Gamut.

As for the Active Sense border, the font indicates that it will only be available on the left side and that with it you will, among other things, activate the Google assistant. If it is confirmed, it will be necessary to see how comfortable it is for left-handed people.

A final detail is that both phones are compatible with E-Sim and that the bet to offer free storage with your Pixel would go up. You would have unlimited storage in Google’s cloud (not just photos) until 2023. We will see what remains next October 4.

Pixel 2

PROCESSOR: Snapdragon 835
STORAGE: 64/128 GB
SCREEN: FHD with Gorilla Glass 5
WRISTWATCH: Pixel Cameras with OIS and Google Imaging Chip
BATTERY: 2,700 mAh
OTHERS: Fingerprint reader, IP67 protection, E-SIM, stereo speakers, Active Edge, USB-c

Pixel 2 XL

PROCESSOR: Snapdragon 835
RAM: ?
STORAGE: 64/128 GB
SCREEN: QHD with Gorilla Glass 5 and Wide Color Gamut
WRISTWATCH: Pixel Cameras with OIS and Google Imaging Chip
BATTERY: 3.520 mAh
OTHERS: Fingerprint reader, IP67 protection, E-SIM, stereo speakers, Active Edge, USB-c