Photos made with a Pixel may be part of the Chromecast wallpapers, or that Google wants


The Google Chromecast is gadgets that are going relatively unnoticed but that, for a very low amount of money, can turn your television of all the life in something like a smart TV.

This great little element allows you to see on your TV content as YouTube or to run certain applications simply by plugging it in.

It seems that Google is looking to give a little life to this gadget, and for that uses a part of the community, specifically those who own a Google Pixel. How do you expect these people to help? Very simple, simply taking pictures with your terminal.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]Google wants to use those who have a Pixel or Pixel XL to upload photos made with your mobile and be able to include them between the wallpapers of Chromecast[/quote_colored]

What Google wants is for users of a Google Pixel or Pixel XL to take photos and upload them to Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #teampixel.

But it is not worth any kind of photos, so for the collaborators to collaborate, in addition to having the mentioned terminal, Google gives the following tips so that their photos are accepted:

  • That the content is type landscapes, macro, animals, nature, abstract, life, cities, buildings or textures.
  • No people, watermarks, and logos in the photos
  • Advisable to take the photo horizontally
  • Photos with content that anyone can see, after all the wallpapers, would be seen by millions of people.

So far, the wallpapers that can be viewed on Chromecast are based on Google plus photos, satellite images of the planet or pieces of art, but now the community can bring more variety using only the camera of their Google Pixel.