Razer Power Bank: an external battery dedicated to laptops

Razer continues to diversify and comes from the Power Bank announcement, an external battery primarily dedicated to notebooks, and especially its ultraportable Blade Stealth.

Razer Power Bank

Especially known for his mice and keyboards, Razer has many strings to his bow and just added one with the announcement of this Power Bank battery.

Widespread in mobility, external batteries primarily dedicated to laptops are less common, and Power Bank is also optimized for the Blade Stealth, high-end ultraportable built by the American brand.

Razer specifies that the “Power Bank is optimized to be compatible with the notebook Blade Stealth in order to extend its lifetime beyond 15 hours”.

Fortunately, the Power Bank works with other devices, PC or not, thanks to the presence of a USB-C port and two USB-A ports. The announced capacity is 12,800 mAh, which is roughly equivalent to just under 6 charges of iPhone 6S.

Fast charging is also a must, and we should be able to recover 6 hours of battery life for the Blade Stealth in 2 hours charging, while compatible products will enjoy Qualcomm‘s Quick Charge 3.0.

The Power Bank is instead a rather bulky battery: 12.5 cm long, 7.8 widths and 2.3 height, for a weight of 335 g. Measurements well above the average of the external batteries, which are explained in part by a complete connectivity.

The announced price of this Power Bank is 169.99 €, for a current availability in March in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.