With the arrival of Redstone 4, Bluetooth connectivity between devices will be improved and facilitated

began to speculate about Redstone 4
It seems a lie but we have been waiting for half a year for Fall Creators Update and when it is already among us, almost in parallel, we began to speculate about Redstone 4, the next version of Windows that should arrive coinciding with the flowering in our fields in the months of March and April.

A version of which for now the official name is unknown and from which little by little details are known. A completely updated version of Cortana, improvements to the Security Center and Windows Mixed Reality and an optimization of the time to make the connection without wires of our equipment.

And with Redstone 4 when it comes to connecting a Bluetooth device to Windows 10, the process will be much simpler than the one currently offered by the operating system. An improvement that will come thanks to the function of “Quick Pairing” to the Bluetooth connection.

The idea is that it is enough to bring the device that we want to connect to our PC or tablet (provided they have clear Bluetooth connectivity) and this will recognize it. We will see a message on the confirmation screen of the association and the pairing will begin.

The process of navigating through the configuration and having to activate the connection on our computer is finished in theory. This assumes that Bluetooth connectivity will always be active waiting for a device to request to connect.

An improvement that makes us think that it should include some kind of security measure so that anyone cannot connect a peripheral, either by using a PIN or NFC system or a technology that seeks to facilitate pairing (Bluetooth Classic case and Bluetooth LE).