With Redstone 4 it seems that Microsoft will dare to redesign the interface of Windows 10 with more Fluent Design

Windows 10

November 2016: We learned that Microsoft was working on its new design language for Windows 10, codenamed Project NEON. We are thrilled. Arriving May 2017 and officially announced as Fluent Design, we show perhaps the most striking design changes to those who have dared with Windows.

October 2017: Fall Creators Update arrives and all those Fluent Design changes they promised us are nowhere to be found.

Now that Microsoft has focused on Redstone 4, an update expected to be larger than this fall, it seems that Fluent is starting to take on more life.

With the next major Windows update we can expect to see more design changes, and Microsoft is currently working on bringing Fluent Design to the Windows configuration panel, as we can see in the images.

Filtered by Rafael Rivera, these captures allow us to take a look at the new menus with “acrylic material” transparencies that never came with the Fall Creators Update. In addition to a better-organized menu of adjustments and making better use of the space in the window.

All this is still short compared to the concepts Microsoft showed when presenting Fluent Design, but with the arrival of Redstone 4 that will include the new Timeline feature, we are likely to see more significant changes.

We can still dream of a more beautiful Windows 10, meanwhile, we only have some noise in the background color of the calculator.