Samsung Clear S-View Flip Cover review for Galaxy S7 edge

In the event that you require a case that looks awesome with the Galaxy S7 edge, the Clear S-View Flip Cover may be what you’re searching for.

The Clear S-View Flip Cover is a classy approach to ensure your telephone, yet you additionally get some additional elements. The case gives you a chance to see through the spread to cooperate with calls, cautions, and occasions. Should you get it? Watch our audit to discover.

The Clear S-View Flip Cover comes in three hues for the Galaxy S7 edge: Black, Silver, and Gold.

We have the silver one to coordinate our telephone. The front and back are both made of a hard plastic, and they are joined by a calfskin like fabric as an afterthought.

Introducing the case is simple. Just line up the base of your telephone with the base class of the case, and after that push down on every one of the four corners.

The intro page consequently wakes or puts the telephone to rest when the spread is opened or shut. This can spare battery life and diminish the need to go after the force catch.

When you get a telephone call, you see the name of the guest and their number through the spread. You can swipe right to acknowledge the call or swipe left to reject. There’s no alternative here to release the call with a message, which was accessible on alternate S-View case by swiping up.

There’s a set pattern for the earpiece so can, in any case, hear your guests when the spread is shut. The SIM card opening on top isn’t secured, so you can swap cards even with the case is still on. The sound jack, smaller scale USB port, receiver, and speakers at the base are likewise available. There are no set patterns for the volume catches, yet there’s a name, so you know where to press.

The back has the set pattern for the camera and the blaze, and I don’t see anything here that hinders taking photographs or recordings.

When you press the force catch while the spread is shut, you can see the time, warning bar symbols, and different status things like missed calls and messages. On the off chance that you tap the missed call or messages symbol, the telephone requests that you open the spread to see the message.

The Clear S-View Flip Cover is more style-arranged, so don’t expect different elements found on the first S-View Flip Cover. For instance, there’s no music playback control, access to snappy settings, or review application warnings without opening the spread.

With regards to taking photographs, the intro page can be utilized to hold the telephone with two hands to make it more steady. Simply remember that the spread will obstruct the back camera when it’s flipped the distance back.

Our greatest worry with this case is having something sharp get stuck under the spread and after that scratch up the screen. The intro page likewise moves a considerable measure notwithstanding when it’s shut. In any case, we’ve had this case for a couple of weeks now and haven’t seen any issues yet.

The Clear S-View Flip Cover is perfect with remote charging. There were no issues setting our Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with the case on the Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand.

Generally, this is a wonderful case that gives you some insurance for your Galaxy S7 edge.

Notwithstanding, it doesn’t offer numerous valuable elements. The Clear S-view Flip Cover retails for $59.99, and we certainly don’t prescribe paying that much. Luckily, you can get it on Amazon for under $30.