Samsung: foldable smartphone to be shown at MWC 2017

For years, Samsung said to have a foldable smartphone in the quiver – but so far without presentable result. On the imminent MWC 2017 but it should be applicable and the South Korean company to actually introduce a mobile phone with “buckling”.

Samsung foldable smartphone

Recently, there was talk that Samsung its first bring foldable smartphone in the third quarter 2017 the market will.

A presentation at the Mobile World Congress 2017, which takes place in Barcelona from February 27 would, therefore So actually make sense.

The South Korean ETNews According which refers to industry insiders, Samsung will introduce a foldable smartphone within the wireless trade show.

Unfortunately, the show will not be publicly available, but the market leader is planning a private event with special guests.

Get echo of hardware manufacturers

In this way, reportedly to be obtained pursuant to the echo of hardware manufacturers. Given to Samsung Display, which specializes in the construction of screens subsidiary of United Group, equal to two prototypes of the foldable smartphones in the luggage.

One is inwardly doing another turn outward fold. The aim is obvious that the foldable display technology will be sold to interested customers.

That it can take Samsung’s smartphone division, ostentatious first with this innovative technology, but must doubt.

Even if Samsung Display provides the technology to other companies, we initially expect a foldable smartphone with Samsung logo