Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will debut a massively overhauled interface

It’s been a few years since Samsung redesigned its custom Android skin, TouchWiz, however, another video flaunts a hugely updated rendition of Samsung’s product.

Italian tech blog,, posted a walkthrough video of the new interface specifying each adjustment in the new TouchWiz interface. Generally speaking, Samsung’s outline dialect has developed with less cartoony hues and smooth customization choices that were beforehand just accessible from outside launchers.

The warnings pull down has likewise been greatly redesigned, and you’ll now have a drop down menu to rapidly get to settings. For instance, you’ll have the capacity to switch Wi-Fi systems from simply the notice shade without jumping into the settings application.

This should already be possible in the extended warning shade yet the new interface permits drop down menus from the non-extended shade, requiring one less swipe.

On the home screen, you’ll have the capacity to swipe up from an application symbol to raise a menu of alternatives without going into the application itself. I can see this component using a weight delicate screen, similar to Apple’s 3D Touch, that is supposed to go to the Galaxy Note 7.

TouchWiz organizer viewTaking a note from Apple’s iOS, the new TouchWiz UI will include huge amounts of obscuring of the foundation when tapping on an envelope. Applications inside the organizer assume control over the focal point of the screen and obscure out the foundation, much the same as in iOS.

Samsung’s Gallery application has likewise been overhauled to look and feel more like Google Photos. You can in any case squeeze to zoom in and out to see increasingly or fewer photographs on the double, however, the application’s format no more covers perspective choices in the menu.

There’s significantly more changes point by point in the video so look at it regardless of the possibility that you don’t comprehend Italian. Remember that these progressions in TouchWiz are still in beta so there will most likely be changes made before it takes off with the Galaxy Note 7, which is required to arrive before the actually arranged time August.