Samsung Galaxy S8 could be launched only at the end of April

Apparently, the 10nm manufacturing process that is based next generation mobile chipsets gives headaches to many producers.

 Galaxy S8

TSMC has encountered difficulties in manufacturing the new processors, and now Samsung seems to have difficulty in preparing chipsets to launch Galaxy S8.

According to new rumors, it seems that the launch of the new flagship of the company’s stores will be delayed another week previously established to date.

Galaxy S8 event presentation is scheduled for 29 March, but the smartphone was not scheduled to arrive in the hands of users until 21 April.

It seems that Samsung needs another week, until April 28, a month after the announcement, to ensure that it has enough chipsets ready for launch or to ensure that they are experiencing problems such as those in last autumn with Note 7.

Are expected 12 million units of Galaxy S8 prepared for launch day, but may delay following stocks more than usual. Lack on 10nm chipsets also led to delay other smartphones for this spring, and the choice of chipsets older models’ new flagship of producers.

LG turned to the new LG G6 Snapdragon 821, while Huawei kept Kirin 960 chipset launched last fall to P10.

Samsung Galaxy S8, could thus be the first smartphone with 10nm chipset on both Snapdragon 835 and Exynos 9 being made using this manufacturing process.

via Android News