The Samsung Galaxy S8 is updated with the June security patch and changes in the navigation bar

Android, fortunately, is an operating system that is updated frequently, especially since Google decided to release monthly patches dedicated to security.

Different manufacturers, for their part, take advantage of many occasions to make some changes and fix problems of their software.

Samsung is one of the manufacturers that have targeted the launch of monthly patches for its terminals.

Its most recent flagship, the Galaxy S8, the protagonist of this article, as its most recent update, in addition to including the June security patch, includes changes in the navigation bar.

Goodbye to the solid colors in the navigation bar, hello to the possibility to hide it whenever you want

One of the changes that will notice most Galaxy S8 owners who are receiving the update has to do with the navigation bar.

So far (the left half in the photo above) you could customize the color of the same choosing from a range of predefined solid colors or an alternative if you wanted something less common.

With the update (the right half in the photo above) the selection of solid colors has been replaced by a group of semitransparent colors, which will be better adapted to the color of the background of the screen.

This change is focused on minimizing the problem of burn-in, although it is likely that those who use the black bar are not very agreed, because this color is precisely executed by turning off the pixels on the OLED screens and, therefore, Those pixels would not suffer from that problem.

Now you can see a point in the left area of the navigation bar that serves to hide or block it.

Another change, this time more positive, is that the navigation bar will appear (if you set it in the settings) a point in the left area that is worth to be able to hide or block it.

While the first feature seems to work without restrictions, the second feature could not be used in full-screen applications such as YouTube or Netflix games or videos.

This update, as we said, brings the June security patch that solves some small security breaches and other system bugs.

The update will arrive in the coming weeks staggered to all markets where the Galaxy S8 is present, so give it a little patience before you can test the new features of the navigation bar.