Does your Smart Keyboard not work well? Apple could repair it without cost

Apple has unveiled today a new program with which you can repair a Smart Keyboard for free if it has given you problems (or ” functional problems ” as it has officially said). No matter the model, enter both the iPad Pro 9.7 inches and those of the model of 12.9 inches.

iPad Pro

What functional problems are mentioned by Apple? Well according to the internal communication that has been leaked they talk about a connection failure of the Smart Connector, some keys that remain stuck and are not being written on the screen, others that do not respond … inconveniences that annoy the use of the keyboard.

What to do if you think you may be entitled to this repair

First, remember: that your Smart Keyboard does not work well does not mean that automatically you are entitled to a free repair.

Nothing to contact Apple and demand, because the result may end up being just the opposite of what you expect. It is Apple, and only Apple, that decides if a Smart Keyboard is going to be repaired without cost.

Another notice to give is that it is a very new replacement program, so it is likely that some employees of the company are not yet aware because the communication has not arrived. Maybe it’s best to be cautious and wait a few days.

While you wait, you can upgrade your firmware if you have not already.

But if after this time you think you might be entitled to this repair, then order time in the Genius Bar from an Apple Store or go to an authorized Premium Reseller.

If you do not have any of these possibilities nearby, then you can contact Apple through its support website.

Enter in the program those keyboards that were acquired less than three years ago.