Snapdragon 836, almost 2: 1 screen and no double camera: that’s the Pixel XL 2 according to Geekbench

There may be three or four devices that the market looks forward to in the second half of the year. One is the iPhone 8 , of course, and another is the Galaxy Note 8.

Google pixel xl 2

But other manufacturers of weight also reserve terminals for that time, like the Huawei Mate 10 that must close the year or the Google Pixel 2 that is called to inaugurate Android 8.0, Android O.

The Pixel 2 will not come alone, there will be a model with more screen as happened last year and it is precisely this Pixel XL 2 of which we now have more information.

The filtration of a benchmark has been responsible for showing us some interesting data, especially those related to your screen. And we can anticipate that, if true, this is a Pixel X2 narrower than original. But let’s look at the data.

“Almost” 2: 1 screen

Undoubtedly, the most striking of the data filtering by Geekbench is the one that tells us about your screen. The information draws a screen of 5.6 inches, slightly larger than the first generation, but with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,312 that some media still qualify as 2K, despite being narrower. There may be one of the keys.

With the LG G6 betting on a ratio of 18: 9 and with the Galaxy S8 located at 18.5: 9 , the Google Pixel XL 2 would offer a panel with 17.5: 9 aspect , somewhat shorter in height than its competition, But with an important fact to take into account: there would be reduction of pixels in height instead of grow in high, as have done both LG and Samsung.

According to resolution and diagonal, this Pixel XL 2 could be narrower than the original model

That suggests that this future Google Pixel XL 2 could be somewhat narrower than the previous model, and at the same time smaller overall.

Since it has long been speculated with the possibility that it is a terminal without just frames, and that would favor a reduction of the overall size, still fitting a screen with a wider diagonal.

From the rest of the data, we obtain a repetition of previous leaks. Like the 4GB of RAM or 128GB of internal storage, apparently only with 100GB free at the time of testing. Or as an eight-core Snapdragon processor and 2.4GHz, we now know it will be the Snapdragon 836, accompanied by the still valid Adreno 540 somewhat more laps.

For now, no double chambers

The camera crew has also been exposed and maybe here we find a slight disappointment. According to Geekbench, in this Google Pixel XL 2 test, there is no trace of a double rear camera.

Maybe Google wants to detach itself by the moment of this strategy and focus its photographic evolution on what already showed us on Google Photos or Android or in the last Google I/O of weeks ago.

In any case, we would have 12 megapixels for the back of the Pixel XL 2, with 4K video recording and native HDR photography, and 8 front megapixels also with UltraHD video recording. Of course, we expect Android O 8.0, whatever its final name, by the time we can get this Pixel XL 2 out of the box.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]We will see when, in what countries and at what price.[/quote_colored]

12 megapixels with 4K recording. Maybe Google thinks that mobile photography does not need anything more than that.

At the moment we are with that continue to arrive clues about the continuity of the line Pixel, whose manufacturer could still be HTC. Or at least, until Google or a leader decides to reveal it, HTC will be Schrödinger’s maker of this future terminal of Mountain View.

A second generation will have the difficult task of improving the experience of the first. For now, everything we see we like. It’s not little. Although, what if this corresponds to the Google Pixel 2 normal?