The Surface Pro 5 is a little closer and we could see it arrive before the end of spring

Throughout the course of 2017, we have seen how competition for the Surface range has grown remarkably. Manufacturers like Lenovo, HP or even Samsung have presented alternatives to the Microsoft convertible tablet that at least on paper … have little to envy.

Surface Pro 5

Some launches that mainly generate competition, something always positive for the user and that make the companies have to put the batteries without the option of falling asleep on their laurels.

And that is what they want to avoid from Redmond, who already rush the arrival of the new Surface Pro 5 that also would not arrive alone because it would accompany the Surface Book 2.

But focusing on the first, we saw in the day what changes could be seen this new iteration of the tablet, some changes that as commented the other day our colleague Javier Pastor, would not be too many and is that to revolutionize In what already works of scandal?

Yes, the Surface range awakens good opinions among users, so much so that it has even surpassed Apple’s iPad in terms of user satisfaction. Few will be the innovations that will bring this new version that wants to remain a reference when we talk about design, hardware, and performance.

Surface Pro 5 in three, two, one …

There would be little, very little for Surface Pro 5 to be a reality and that is at least the conclusion we can reach if we echo the various rumors circulating in the network and according to which we would see as Microsoft presents the Surface Pro 5 in an event that would take place during the month of April that we have just released.

For now, it is only rumored, without there being any official confirmation on the matter. But if it can serve as a clue that the device has already obtained the Mandatory Chinese Certificate (CCC), a step similar to that carried out by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States when certifying what Apt that is or is not a product to go to the market.

Be that as it may, it seems that the events will not be late in rushing and if it is not in April, it will be in early May, even in spring, when we have access to Surface Pro 5.

We will, therefore, be attentive to any new developments