AirBackup: the new feature of AnyTrans for wireless backup

Alin Pogan
Alin Pogan

AnyTrans is an amazing software for transferring data from an iPhone to your computer, from an iPhone to another iPhone or from different devices. It has now been upgraded with AirBackup support, which basically enables wireless backup functionality. In short, a good alternative to iTunes.

It now comes with a new feature that helps users quickly and easily manage backups on their device.

Keeping up-to-date and secure backup data is critical in the event of device malfunction or loss of data. This is a system that allows us to restore everything we’ve lost in minutes. No matter, backup is one of the most common practices in the world and can be run on all technology terminals.

Often, however, it’s uncomfortable to manually back up the backups, sometimes we forget it, and sometimes we always refer to the practice at a more calming moment. The solution is an automatic backup, seen already on iTunes and thanks to iCloud even without the need for a computer at your disposal. These are much more effective solutions, they do everything automated and do not require any intervention on our part.

Today we want to talk about an alternative to iTunes / iCloud, made by iMobie. This new feature allows users to back up their iOS devices safely, quickly and automatically. All this clearly without connecting the device to the computer via Lightning cable.

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You can customize the frequency of backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis so you do not leave anything to chance and set up days and times for backup.

AirBackup includes most of the essential data, such as photos, videos, audiobooks, ringtones, and more. We can also choose which content to export from backup and where to save them. This is a very interesting step forward, which certainly makes this software appealing. iTunes does not have this option, for example.

Security is ensured through the AES-256 encryption standard, under secure local WiFi network with SSL. The only rule to make everything work properly is to connect your computer with AnyTrans and the iOS device to the same WiFi network. Otherwise, data synchronization cannot be performed.

Before we conclude, we want to specify that AirBackup functionality works with all of the iPhone’s family so you can use it without any trouble saving all data and keeping them separate and organized.

The software is available free of charge for trial, both for Windows and Mac. The full version can be purchased from the manufacturer’s site in several packages.

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