Google Allo can reveal Google Search history without user consent

After it emerged that Google maintains an archive of all messages sent using the Allo application, a new escape disclosure makes it possible to search Google Search conversation partners, such compromising user privacy.

Google Allo

Integrated with Google Assistant, Allo allows the use of voice commands to get useful information even during conversations (eg location of a restaurant, weather, etc).

But the system is not perfect, sometimes offering virtual assistant inappropriate responses to queries received, if the expression used is not sufficiently clear.

The problem is that when you give wrong information, Google Assistant adapt responses based on user habits, referencing topics previously searched by the person on the other end.

Using the services offered by Google Assistant is the pretext for which Google does not encrypt conversations using the application Allo exchanges unsecured messages can be intercepted without too much difficulty.

Fortunately, Google users Allo dissatisfied with these limitations have plenty of options using security connections and do not practice the systematic recording of conversations, Signal and WhatsApp are two such examples.