Amazon Echo and Echo Dot immediately available

Amazon Echo and Echo Dot can also be ordered without an invitation in Germany finally. After months of waiting time Amazon has removed this obstacle out of the way.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo and Echo dot for each purchasable

Who hitherto waited in vain for an invitation to purchase the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, can also strike immediately without invitation.

Amazon has just announced via press release that the intelligent speaker and his little brother “Echo Dot” in Germany are freely available.

Both products are currently in black and white in stock, the delivery time should, therefore, require only one to two days depending on the shipping option. Anyone interested in the wizard with Alexa, so it can now strike without hurdles and reap the benefits.

In Amazon Echo test of the intelligent speaker could convince. The voice recognition works even very accurately from a long distance, so that voice commands are very well done.

The operator and device are intuitive and almost self-explanatory. Every week we add new skills that you can activate and use. Smart home products, such as the recently tested by us Tado heating control or the Philipps-Hue lights can henceforth be operated easily by voice.

Who that luxury has once established, do not want to go without Alexa and Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo provides thereby the full function without additional devices. A 360-degree speaker makes for a good sound. Music can be played from different sources – from the smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth.

The Echo Dot is rather an extension of this because it can only language editions of Alexa are used. If you want to listen to music, you have to connect an external speaker.

For the kitchen or the bedroom as an extension to the Amazon Echo in the living room of this small wizard but perfect. Alexa listens not only on this code name but now even on “Computer”.

All this has its price. The intelligent speaker Amazon Echo costs 179.99 euros, while the echo Dot to 59.99 euros comes. Who wants to try first Alexa home, picks up the echo Dot and closes at a speaker.