Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa: $39.99 pre-order

Soon, Amazon’s Fire TV stick appears with Alexa. If you pre-order now, you get it for a special price! For owners of the predecessor, there is also good news.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa
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Amazon Fire TV products are already selling stores – alongside Google’s Chromecast, they are among the most popular streaming gadgets.

Soon, Amazon will set another one: On 20 April the new Fire-TV-Stick will be launched. He has not only updated hardware but also Amazon Alexa language control.

And with that, not only do you call up films and TV series but also use Alexa compatible Smarthome devices or get informed about current news or the weather.

Amazon Fire TV Stick vs. Echo: These are the differences The Fire TV stick thus offers nearly the same performance as Amazon echo box or the slimmer echo dot puck.

The voice output on the Fire TV stick does not, however, have a built-in loudspeaker as with the Echo products, but via the speakers of the TV.

Another difference: While Amazon Echo is permanently in standby mode and react immediately to a call, the Microphone button on the Fire TV Stick must be pressed to activate Alexa.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa
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Amazon Fire TV Stick: pre-order special price

With Amazon’s Fire TV-Stick, the entry into the smart language control succeeds at the savings price: Who pre-orders the new streaming stick with Alexa at Amazon, pays for him only $39.90 – cheaper is not currently.

Alexa update comes for older Fire TV devices You already own the Fire-TV-Box with micro font buttons on the remote control or the Fire-TV-Stick of the pre-production, which was also delivered with micro-button?

Then you do not need the new stick: Amazon provides a software update, which also provides these two devices the Alexa support.