Android TV already supports 5,000 apps and games, and new devices come

The truth is that there is not much written about Android TV and the news is rarely added. This platform is still very interesting and brings a whole new look at the Android operating system.

One of the main problems in the past was the lack of applications and games. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that you install all the apps you can install from Google Play to your smartphone on your Android TV.

Applications make the platform attractive

The good news is that virtually all the important applications and games already support Android TV they have. In addition, the number of supported increases every year.

While last year it was 3,000 applications and games, today this number increased to 5000. Applications are the foundation and the company Google that knows. Some big player applications are still missing. However, there are negotiations and interviews to add more to attract more users.

In addition to the amount of software available on Google Play, Google also plans an overall redesign of the apps and games store. It should become easier, more friendly and more interesting for the user.

New facilities in the fall?

New devices are also being planned. So far, they have just been whispered and we don’t know anything. They could be presented this autumn. We will probably learn more from the Google I / O conference, which will be held on May 7th.