Apple resurrects integrations with Chrome and Pocket in Workflow and adds some homegrown

They said that it was not going to update beyond some stability and security arrangements, but today there seems to be an exception.

Apple has upgraded Workflow, the application it acquired and is able to automate iOS actions, recovering the integrations with Chrome and Pocket that had disappeared after the purchase.

It is a very good sign that Apple recovers these integrations since it demonstrates several things.

First you want the application to stay alive for at least a while, and second, you have no problem integrating applications that rival the system’s own native browser.

This means, for example, that you can now use Workflow to open links saved in Pocket directly in Google Chrome for iOS.

And automatically, simply creating that workflow without problems. And free!

Welcome to Workflow, Apple Music

In addition to resurrecting these integrations, Apple has also included integration with Apple Music’s Up Next list so that Workflow is able to add songs to that list or clean it to make it empty.

Is this a sign that Apple is going to devote some attention to Workflow?

While preparing the evolution of that application towards a native component of the Apple system may have wanted to harness its power.

The thing that for the fans to their automation they will be grateful, of course.