What if Apple introduced the iPad Pro in June because iOS 11 has a novelty for them?

I reckoned that the iPad Pro had not been updated and that updates to iOS 10.3 and other systems were still pending when last year appeared all together.

iPad Pro

Make no mistake if you think it is appropriate to look at the launch schedules of the past years to try to predict what is going to happen, but this shows that you also have to keep in mind that Apple can change those agendas whenever they want. But knowing that they are already testing more iPad models on the street, what is planned?

Before, during or after the WWDC?

Rumors about the iPad that have to come, to begin with, are not exactly fuzzy. They speak of specific screen sizes, how this new size can fit into the current range or replace it, or the A10X processor that Apple would manufacture for them.

The dates shuffled past dates or even May / June, although the same source of this last data rectified and advanced the launch for April.

In other words, this iPad should arrive sooner rather than later. If we are optimistic we could see them this April, or being more reasonable perhaps we could see them in the WWDC 2017.

And in this case, we would see them next to the presentation of iOS 11 to the developers. There may be new features in that system that directly affect those new iPad Pro.

The next iPad Pro have the difficult task of convincing users that convertible format is not the way to go

Makes sense? It would be strange because we will see iOS 11 in June but we will not be able to use it until fall. Introducing the iPad Pro with new features related to iOS 11 would mean waiting three or four months to take advantage of those new iPad Pro to the maximum, so best to present them directly in the fall, right?

Or maybe what the rumors say, that those iPad Pro appear sooner and then the iOS 11 new features come later more calmly.

But one thing is clear: the upcoming iPad Pro have the complicated task of convincing consumers that the tablet format is still better than the convertibles that more and more manufacturers are betting on.

And that will require new developments in both the WWDC with iOS 11 and the hardware of the iPad.