The Asus Zenfone 4 would have a double camera, will be enough to make a hole in the market?

Asus is a manufacturer that makes the most of each generation of the Zenfone family, from which it draws almost all kinds of variants, from high range to mobile focused on specific aspects such as selfies, battery or main camera.

zenfone 4 2017

Throughout each year they are revealing the different models, yes, without making too much noise.

This year is not going to be an exception, the Zenfone 4 will have several models, as we discussed several days ago, each of them focused on one particular aspect.

Now Asus has unveiled some posters in which we clearly understand that the Zenfone 4 will have a double camera.

In the images that we can see throughout this article, we are told (in a subtle way, everything is said) that the Zenfone 4 would come with a double camera, something that may be common to the whole family and not only exclusive to one Model or two.

This takes, even more, force if we take into account the already presented Asus Zenfone 4 Max, which in addition to having a dual camera, brings a large capacity battery.

In the four images published by the Taiwanese manufacturer we see how this feature stands out and, in one of them (under this paragraph), it seems to leave in the background the double camera to emphasize that in low light conditions the terminal will capture enough light. Obviously, to be sure if that is true or not, we would have to prove it.

Will it be enough just to take out a lot of models at contained prices or need something else?

Although the most attractive terminals are the high end, it is the mid and low range that really sells in bulk thanks to its more content prices. This Asus (like many other manufacturers) knows and intends to offer a wide range of possibilities to users to have what they like a mobile without spending too much money.

Now, if Asus, which aims to sell twice as many mobile phones in 2,020 (a lot of ambition here), wants to be a really outstanding manufacturer if only in the mid-range and entry-level, will have to find a way to attract To a wider audience.

Okay, we have a mobile for lovers of selfies, another for those who want an outstanding autonomy, another for those who want a good camera, etc.

But that’s for some specific niches, and perhaps the Zenfone 4 is that intermediate terminal that is sold for a more “generic” type of user, we will still have to see it as they come forward.

zenfone 4 2017

The mid-range is hell for anyone who wants to make a dent in the smartphone market and to get to that, Asus has to correct some things, starting with software, which needs optimization and lightening so that even those with a Processor can move it loosely.

Many manufacturers have taken the step in that direction for some time, it’s about time Asus did too.

Another issue to solve is to reduce your catalog so it is not so confusing. One way to do this is, for example, to take one of the characteristics that it presumes and make it common to all models (for example the battery, having a whole family with great autonomy would make you gain the appreciation of many users).

Sure there are a few more things that Asus needs to improve, but that is a question that we would like to ask users or ex-users of an Asus Zenfone, surely there are some interesting suggestions. What would you expect from the Taiwanese manufacturer’s Zenfone futures?