Designing Apps That Enthrall Customers

There is a competition among companies and developers to introduce their mobile counterpart as consumers are glued to the smartphones online surpassing that of the desktops. However, this is not adequate.

Statista revealed that there are 2.2 million apps in Google Play Store and 2 million apps in Apple’s App Store. It is evaluated that 200 million apps are predicted to be downloaded in this year.

So the question arises as to how brands can design captivating apps to attract people in the highly competitive market.

The answer is simple enough – brands have to design apps which are embraced by users with a vital aspect regarding them. This is achieved by schemes which integrate users along with app operation and expertise related to mobile performance.

A brand’s app has to offer the user’s requirements and adapt dynamically to every situation.
This is boosted with the help of micro-moments and the method how users manipulate the mobile web to get appropriate information. As time proceeds Google has identified new behaviors related to user’s searching prospects.

Below are 25 methods as to how micro-moments contribute to good app design which in turn attracts a lot of users:

App navigation and browsing

  • The necessity of the app must be evident. Users have to be enthralled by designing the app to tackle their undertakings lucidly and make calls to get into action immediately.
  • Menu sectors have to be arranged and tagged to be customer friendly which otherwise will result in users to finding it tough to understand and discern categories which are not synched with their models.
  • Users must be provided with the option to “move back” in a single step so as to prevent users from having to begin from the home page every time which sometimes may result in data loss.
  • Changing Locations must be simplified where auto detection conserves time. Although, users are sometimes required to locate a shop which is far away. User’s entry location must be simple and quick.
  • A smooth changeover must be implemented among mobile web and apps which otherwise will vex the customers when the app moves to the mobile web to finish an undertaking. A proper design has to be implemented to make this feature come true.

In-app search

  • It has to be ensured that the search field must be eye-catching as it is the preferred hotspot for users with particular requirements and undertaking.
  • Searching must be simplified and it should be like Google featuring predictive text, spellings auto correction and identifying root words when users enters the details.
  • Filtering options have to be provided to aid the users in identifying, zeroing down and arranging their searches which on the other hand would result in extensive scrolling for a small screen of the user.

Commerce and conversions

  • Earlier searches and the latest purchases has to be available for the users to conserve time and work.
  • Feedbacks from users must be organized and displayed such that it provides potential buyers with more faith in the product as they get an opinion about such products.
  • Collative shopping attributes have to be implemented where when consumers shop they prefer app attributes for comparison purposes.
  • Various third-party payment alternatives have to be implemented like AndroidPay, PayPal etc which saves time and augments safety.
  • Appending and organizing the various payment options must be simplified.


  • Users can be allowed to continue with the process of registration only if it is mandatory as consumers would be disinterested in an app which asks private details without any quick benefits.
  • The “sign in” and “sign up” options have to be made distinct and clear to prevent users from doing the wrong action corresponding to both the available options
  • Passcode authorization must be smooth flowing and quick by untangling the process. The steps required to authenticate have to be shortened or methods like fingerprint login can be implemented.

Form entries

  • Foms have to be adaptable regarding how users fill in data. Screens have to be developed such that elucidation of several input factors is possible.
  • Form errors have to be conveyed in real time. The user must be alerted when a part of a form is finished properly or is error prone.
  • The keyboard has to be synched with the needed text inputs. Users prefer apps that supplies a suitable keyboard for entry of texts.
  • Supplying handy related info for forms which guides the users properly.

Usability and Understanding

  • Communication with users must be in the same language which if otherwise could compound the intellect burden for the user.
  • Implementing text labels and perceptible keys to elucidate discernible data. Such aspects are needed for good clarification.
  • Receptiveness with perceptible feedbacks should be implemented once important actions are done. When users append a product to the cart or present an order lack of feedback could result in doubts among the user as to whether the undertaking took place smoothly.
  • Users should be able to modify the zooming capacity on observing an image.
  • Request consent for related circumstances. A few of the apps are integrated with consumer info. It has to be ascertained that consents are lucid in order to prevent users from overlooking fascinating services.

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