Dropmix: Place cards and mix music at the same time

In collaboration with Harmonix, toy manufacturer Hasbro has developed an intersection of classic card game elements with a DJ desk.

Dropmix board

The so-called Dropmix-Board is designed to bring children to the world of music and animate them to create the best hits.

One of my first thoughts about dropmix was that the device looks pretty much like a kind of storage and sorting area for card decks. For example, for games like Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, or Pokémon.

In principle, Dropmix also uses this classic gaming device, but still, combines it with music. Hasbro has teamed up for the gadget with game developer Harmonix, who have also made Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

With dropmix, DJs can play every time and do not really have to have something on it. The lengthy device with speakers and four card slots is app-based and all you have to do for a remix is to put cards.

There are 60 of them, and each is responsible for a certain musical component from known songs. The genres range from indie, dance, R & B and pop, to the country, hip-hop, and rock.

First, the iOS and Android app are started on the smartphone, which is then connected to dropmix and is located in a small slot on the edge. The music cards can then be distributed as desired to the slots provided for this purpose. The cards communicate with the dropmix board via an NFC chip, thereby propagating their beat, sound or singing.

So far so good

The app is also available and it is not for nothing. It combines all the sounds and adds them to a remix. The application also saves the songs you have created, so you can share them with friends or play them, says Hasbro.

As I said above, in principle one does not have much to do, except to select the respective cards and listen to. Nothing for demanding DJs so – for children but a very exciting device. It comes from the toy manufacturer Hasbro.

Dropmix is to come in the autumn of this year in the trade and the starter set with 60 cards is to cost about 100 dollars. If that is not enough, can also buy cartoon sets, which will then cost between 5 and 15 dollars depending on the amount.