Eve V Sells Out In Three Hours

Eve V Sells Out In Three Hours: Eve V went for sale previously at Indiegogo and it interestingly got sold out in just three hours.

For those who were not able to purchase one, you can pre-book right now at a special price and get it delivered early next year in April or May, shortly after the first 500 are sent to early backers.

The device’s design and core features have been constructed from feedback from an estimated 1,000 fans.

Eve V definitely boasts of impressive specs at a very affordable price, configurations begin at $699 (the core m3 version) and you can get a 7th gen core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD, and a super impressive display in the highest model ($1339).

The Microsoft Surface Pro challenger first appeared at an Indiegogo campaign and got a total of $500,000 earnings to start manufacturing the first batch of devices.

ZDNet suggested opting pre-order since prices are significantly lower than the expected retail price of the Eve V.

The current prices are absolutely cheaper than a similarly-equipped Surface Pro 4.

However, the discount for the i7 model is $770 and will rise up to $2,169 after the pre-order period.