FindFace, The app made by the Russians meant to destroy privacy

There is already an application that allows any photos taken with smartphones to seek social media correspondent, reported Bloomberg.

The kind of thing imagined characters who seem to suffer persecution mania movies for fear that someone follows them everywhere, that nothing of what we do is not personal, there is no trace of privacy.

Well, such a technology, which limits the right to privacy, already exist.

During this year, few Russians have launched an application called FindFace.

Anyone who has this app can take pictures of people they do not know and then find them almost instantly on social networks.
Unless the person has accounts on social networks.

In the short time since the launch, Findface has amassed 500,000 users and processed nearly 3m searches, according to its founders, 26-year-old Artem Kukharenko, and 29-year-old Alexander Kabakov.