FunSnap iDol, Xiaomi new drone takes pictures with gestures for €120

The drones are undoubtedly one of the favorite gifts for lovers of technology, they are devices that do not have a certain function, but that is undoubtedly irresistible for those who like gadgets.

And more if they are like the one that has just launched Xiaomi, which has very interesting features, and of course, a fairly contained price for everything it offers. It is the new FunSnap iDol of Xiaomi, of which we will know all its features below.

A drone that can follow us from the air

Undoubtedly, this is the main feature of this new FunSnap iDol, which has a folding design, like many others that we have already seen in the market, and that can also be stored comfortably in a case to protect it on the move.

It is a drone that has artificial intelligence, thanks to which it can follow us from the air, recognizing our movements, and of course, the object or person that makes them. This is ideal for group selfies or aerial photos of an event that we have attended. Especially because you can shoot the images from the gestures of our hands.

For example, if we put the index and middle fingers in a V shape, he will take a picture. In the technical section, it has a button to take off and land automatically, as well as to make turns of 45 or 360 degrees automatically. The quality of video and image recording is 1920×1080 pixels at 30fps.

It also has FPV, live video broadcast is at a quality of 720p, and we can see at all times on the screen of our mobile. It weighs 360 grams, and the dimensions are 226 x 144 x 48 mm folded.

The drone of Xiaomi has GPS, barometer and other sensors that allow detecting the distance from the ground and avoid obstacles. The battery is of 1800mAh of enough capacity and allows the uninterrupted flight during 10 minutes. It has a control to which we can attach the mobile, and which has a range of 50 meters.

Finally the price, which is quite content for what the drone offers us. Since it costs 120 euros to change , while it will be on sale next June 14. Undoubtedly a very interesting drone and that above all allows us to obtain photographs and videos of a certain quality.