Galaxy Buds Pro will return to the classic design finally adding active noise cancellation

Galaxy Buds Pro

First advanced as Galaxy Buds Beyond, it seems that the name of the next generation of Samsung’s True Wireless headphones has finally been revealed, betting on a nomenclature more in line with that of its competitors with the Galaxy Buds Pro.

And it is that the details leaked by SamMobile are now joined by those of MySmartPrice, which discovered the recently approved Indonesian Telecom Certification for the “RM-190″ model, previously seen passing the 3C certifications of China and NRRA of Korea.

We have heard before that the new Galaxy Buds Pro will have the same design as the older Buds and Buds Plus, thus avoiding the new bean shape of its last generation, which while offering greater ergonomics with respect to the ear cavity, did not end to fit in with users.

So, as you would expect, the new headphones will feature improved sound quality that will include an update to Ambient mode and, for the first time, the presence of active noise cancellation or ANC system.

However, it never ceases to amaze us that based on the data leaked so far, the Galaxy Buds Pro aims to maintain the same battery capacity as the Live Buds, with 60 mAh for each earbud and another 472 mAh for the case, something that could result in a very notable drop in their autonomy in the face of ANC spending.

Although it is possible that Samsung is keeping some ace up its sleeve since as can be read repeatedly in the different leaked documents, we find a ” specific low-power wireless device “.

Unfortunately, at the moment all the details of these wireless headphones continue to center around rumors, although given the accumulation of certifications, everything seems to point to Samsung offering new details before the end of the year, even dating the launch and availability of the Galaxy Buds Pro for early January 2021.