Galaxy Note 7, From 3,500 mAh to 3,200 mAh battery change

It seems that the path of the Galaxy Note 7 in the market has not yet fully completed as it will be put back into circulation, although it will no longer be the same Note 7 that it was.

Galaxy Note 7

Especially because the Samsung giant has come through the workshop to become a safer device, one that does not cause the combustion of your battery that caused its withdrawal from the market.

For some time it was rumored that Note 7 was preparing to return to the market, although this rumor was diluted between the news that a second recall could lead to a recall that finally ended with the withdrawal of the product. Now, a leak has once again returned Note 7 to life, never better said, and we already know what will change in it.

The Galaxy Note 7 battery is reduced, end of the problem?

As officially announced by Samsung after the investigation carried out in the case of Note 7, the problem that caused the combustion was caused by its batteries. A design problem in the upper right corner of Note 7 batteries caused “negative electrode deflections”, which in turn led to overheating and subsequent combustion.

This, which should have been solved after the first recall, was aggravated by the fact of doing things in a hurried way, and this time appeared defects in the welding, causing the copper to melt and a short circuit.

The conclusion was that Samsung definitely removed Note 7 from the market. Apparently, of course, now it will appear as a reconditioned terminal.

Without changing the design of the device itself, Samsung intends now to return the Note 7 to the market, we will see when, where and at what price with a lower battery, which would solve this problem of malfunction by reducing friction with the device.

Specifically, the battery of the reconditioned Note 7 would have 3,200 mAh instead of the original 3,500 mAh.
[quote_box name=””]The new Note 7 would have about 10% less autonomy than the original model, but Samsung would say goodbye to combustion[/quote_box]
This new figure for the battery, now filtered, will lead to a reduction of insignificant autonomy compared to the reduction by software that Samsung forced days after the withdrawal, causing that the units in operation that applied this update had available only 60% of The total load.

As we said, we still do not know when these new Note 7 will arrive. We will be alert to any news about your return, as well as the effect that it has on Samsung’s accounts in the future.

Especially considering that the sales forecasts for its Galaxy S8 are still reducing. Of course, there will be 20 million Galaxy S8 for when it can be purchased officially.