The Galaxy S8 with 6GB of RAM that can only be bought in China will cost 960 euros and will include DeX

For a long time, it was rumored that the Samsung Galaxy S8 would be the first to cross the barrier of 4GB of RAM in the S line of Koreans.

Samsung Galaxy S8

With an upward trend in memory figures, it was expected that the new flagship would take the step forward that also did not occur with the arrival of the Galaxy Note 7. Finally, that decision seemed to be confined to China alone.

And it was confirmed with the presentation of the terminal on 29 March. The Galaxy S8 nailed the memories offered by Note 7 and came with only 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory, so we are waiting for the announcement for China.

The announcement of this Galaxy S8 with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of memory we could only buy in the Asian country, and finally has arrived.

960 euros and you can take DeX

It has been advanced by ETNews, a well-known Chinese news media. The Samsung Galaxy S8 special for China will soon be in circulation and its price will be higher than the one we enjoy in territories such as Europe. It is justified, of course, because we speak of an extra 50% of RAM and double the internal memory.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Special Edition will cost approximately 960 euros to change, about 150 euros above the normal model that will be marketed in other regions of the planet. But it will be tricky if we access the booking period because Samsung will place your DeX device as a gift for those who purchase it in advance.

150 euros more than the standard model and with DeX as a gift, although only if we reserve it in advance
With DeX, Galaxy S8 users can connect to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse and work with the smartphone in desktop mode, emulating the convergence bets already raised by Continuum and Ubuntu.

In addition, they will be able to connect remotely to another computer at another location via Citrix. Undoubtedly a very interesting point for those looking to expand the productivity of your phone.

The problem is that this Samsung Galaxy S8 will not leave China, at least not at the moment, and take it from China via import to other regions does not guarantee or do not include services for the Asian country, although could be uninstalled, or that the networks are compatible With other corners of the planet.

Although any of its two processors must be prepared for it. But you know, there will be Galaxy S8 with 6GB and 128GB, but we will not see far from China.