Ingenious or cruel? The Galaxy S9 Bixby plays a major role

Ingenious or cruel? The Galaxy S9 Bixby plays a major role
Does the world need another language assistant after Siri, Alexa, and Co.? At least Samsung believes that and introduced Bixby last year.

After a bumpy start, Bixby is now to play a major role in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9.

In a few weeks, the time has finally come and Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S9 as part of the MWC 2018. While the next Samsung flagship will change little externally, the manufacturer plans under the hood major changes.

There is the talk of “unprecedented” software features and the camera should have a variable aperture of f / 1.5 to f / 2.4 for the first time, in order to shoot particularly appealing night photos.

By contrast, Bixby has barely spoken – until now.

Samsung Galaxy S9: Bixby should facilitate initial setup

According to the XDA Forum, Voice Assistant could play a major role in the Galaxy S9.

The Android 8 Beta for the Galaxy Note 8 has now found evidence that Bixby could be used as a clever little helper in the initial setup of the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Samsung would take an example of Microsoft. When setting up a new Windows 10 PC, Cortana, the digital assistant to the Windows developer, also helps new owners to set up their PCs or notebooks.

It is questionable how helpful Bixby can actually be with the initial setup of the Galaxy S9.

It would be conceivable, among other things, that users could enter their passwords by voice, Bixby explained incomprehensible menu items and settings, or assist in the data transfer from the old phone to the new Galaxy S9.

Galaxy S9 & Co: Samsung sticks to Bixby

Only at the beginning of January was CES 2018 demonstrating how the company envisions the future of technology.

From smartphones to televisions and intelligent refrigerators: all devices are networked together and Bixby is the key to controlling the smart home.

Despite all the criticisms made especially in the early days to Bixby, Samsung continues to cling to his language assistant.

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