Google Allo will integrate with Google Duo, allow groups to be invited by QR code and more

Google Assistant and the creation of your own stickers from a selfie are the preludes to the wave of news that will soon reach the Google smart messaging client.

google allo
The Allo app is preparing to receive important news that could be announced next week during Google I / O 2017.

The new version 11.0 of the application of messaging Google Allo hides within its source code four important novelties that would be waiting for the activation of Google to be released to the whole world.

Integration with Google Duo

The first novelty and the most important is the integration with Google Duo to be able to make calls and video calls to our contacts from Google Allo.

For contacts using Google Duo, we will be in the Google Allo chat window and in the contact information, the accesses to make a call or video call with Google Duo.

If we do not have the video calls and calls application installed, we will invite you to download it to enjoy these functions. It is just a shortcut that will launch us the call or video call from Allo.

Invite groups by link and QR code

Following in the footsteps of WhatsApp, its second and third novelty is that in the very near future we will also be able to invite or join a group using QR codes or a link.

This way you can create public groups in which people who receive the QR code or the link can be added to the group.

Google Assistant Settings

The fourth innovation is that the Google Allo settings will dedicate a section to configure the Google Assistant through different options and to see what the wizard knows about us.

There is no more information about this last section but it seems that we could see and configure our name, age, sex, city, etc …