Google brings the “Assistant” to more Android smartphones

Google brings its semi-exclusive “Assistant” now also for other smartphones and devices with Android.

Google Assistant

Already in the next days, the rollout should start and the Google Assistant will be available on the market. However, you must have at least one Android version 6.0.

After the Google Assistant, last year was available only on the pixel and pixel XL, Alphabets subsidiary now extends the support of the language assistant.

After Google Home, Allo and the Android Wear operating system for Smartwatches, the Google Assistant now also comes with all other Android smartphones – with a limitation.

The language assistant will only be usable on devices that have at least Android 6.0 Marshmallow installed.

So if you’re one of the two-thirds of Android users who do not want to update for obvious reasons, you should do it now. Maybe also because of the one or other security update (cust, Stagefright).

Users of older smartphones have more than enough reason to acquire a new device after this MWC 2017 at the latest. The LG G6 supports the Google Assistant from release, as Google as a partner with LG cooperates.

And the new Smartwatches from Huawei and other manufacturers will support the wizard thanks to Android Wear.

The decision to make Google Assistant available to more devices is probably because other manufacturers are starting to integrate their own assistants into their ecosystems.

Regardless of the Android platform.

So the Galaxy S8 is probably Samsung’s in-house assistant named Bixby use and also Lenovo did not wait for Google’s hesitant decision.

The manufacturer of the Moto units has announced on the MWC announced Amazons Alexa, which should be known to you from the Amazon Echo. This is followed by Lenovo Huawei, which Alexa already announced for the Mate 9, but initially only in the US.

According to Google, the rollout will begin in the course of the week for the US market, England, Australia and Canada. Other countries and languages are added in the following months.

Then the Google Assistant will be available not only on the specifically made Google Home and the pixel. But also on televisions and set-top boxes with Android TV as well as vehicles with Android auto.