Google Assistant looks a bit more like a button “what’s on my screen”

The Google Assistant is here to get you started, although for the time being it’s hard to learn languages and is available in English only.

Google Assistant
On compatible devices, configured in English, the Wizard replaces Google Now on Tap, but because of its slightly different approach, it is not as efficient at what things as searching on the screen.

Google Now on Tap was based on the contextual search for what was happening on the screen, a feature that is also present in the Wizard, but that was a bit hidden. Now, instead of sliding the screen to see if you have contextual information, you have a rather more explicit button called What’s on my screen? , Which accompanies the existing Share Screenshot.

More buttons, no option to type

Google Assistant

With this new button, it is much easier and quicker to look for contextual information regarding the screen that you were viewing from the Google Assistant, how Google Now on Tap worked. The button appears automatically when you open the Wizard in some applications, not all applications.

That Google had to put a button instead of continuing with the previous operation by sliding the screen can only mean one thing: that many people did not even know they could access the contextual information in this way.

For now, they are two buttons, but who knows how much more we will need in the future as it is impossible to memorize everything that the Wizard does and to which commands we respond and which not.

The buttons are also the only way to interact with the non-speaker wizard (unless you use Allo). Unlike other artificial intelligence systems, like Siri, the Google Assistant requires you to talk to him, and that is not always possible or advisable.