Google makes Hangouts the Collaboration Tool for Businesses

Google has split the Hangouts Videochat into the tools Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat.


Both tools are targeted at companies and are included in the G Suite. Hangouts chat is designed to make video conferencing easy, while Hangouts Chat is a direct attack on the Collaboration Tools Slack and Microsoft teams.

Google has noticed that it needs to sharpen its product portfolio and has now reoriented one of its most important communication tools: Hangouts.

The Videochat is divided into two tools called Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat and is aimed primarily at business customers. Looking at the features, one quickly realizes that Google is blowing here to attack the Collaboration tools Slack as well as Microsoft teams.

Hangouts Meet is a tool for simple video conferencing. No download, plugin or account is required with Google to participate in a meeting.

The host simply creates a Hangouts Meet and sends the link to up to 30 participants. Google’s idea is to make access as easy and smooth as possible, which is likely to provide high acceptance

Hangouts Meet is naturally intertwined with other applications of the G Suite, as basically everything on Google.

So you can call directly from the calendar, an e-mail or from the phone number in a Meet. With the latter option then of course without a picture.

In addition, presentations can be integrated, which makes the tool for me personally quite complete. On the surface has not changed much, it is only a little more minimalistic and tidy designed and has got some smaller features.

The actual alternative to Slack and Microsoft teams is, however, Hangouts Chat. In addition to direct messages, there are chat rooms that can be set up for specific projects and then have access to the corresponding documents in the G Suite.

This includes documents, tables, videos or photos. Team-Chatrooms are also available, as you know it from every Collaboration-Tool.


It is more interesting to integrate Google App Script into Hangouts Chat. This allows the integration and development of own plugins, such as the Bot @meet.

This is learnable and can recognize during a chat whether a meeting should be set up and put it separately with a note in the calendar of the involved persons. A small virtual assistant that has artificial intelligence.

Third-party software is also supported. At the moment the tools Asana, Box, Prosper works, and Zendesk are supported. Hangouts Meet is available today, Hangouts Chat is gradually being rolled out for G Suite customers.

Those interested can register here for the Early Adopter Program.