Google Maps will tell you how busy a place is in real time

So you want to head over to that trendy new taco stand, but you’re not sure if the line is going to be around the street corner.

Well, now has the answer. A new feature the company highlighted on its Keyword blog now estimates how busy or slow things are in real time, thanks to Google’s data powers.

It’s unlikely that this will be available for every single location on the planet just yet, but if you live in a large city where Google has access to enough real-time information your mealtime decisions may get a whole lot easier.

google busy

There’s also a spot for you to update the information if Maps doesn’t have it quite right.

This feature also lets you check in to find out how long people will typically stay at that specific venue.

All of these features are rolling out to Google Maps and search, which likely means they’ll be going live soon through a server-side switch.

You probably won’t need to update your apps, though it can’t hurt to make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps and Google search.