Google Pixel Fingerprint Gestures now available on other devices

Fingerprint sensor plays an important role in the security of data stored on your phone but could provide much more functionality if there was software to use it to its true capacity.

While companies such as Huawei and newer Google Pixel series provided support for gestures via fingerprint sensor in the past, other manufacturers have chosen to ignore these functions.

Fingerprint Gestures app unlocks but these capabilities on all phones with Android Marshmallow.

SuperThomasLab, Fingerprint Gestures app’s creator, decided to adapt the advanced features of the Google Mobile Pixel any other smartphone equipped with a fingerprint sensor. There are of course some important limitations.

First, the device must be running Android OS 6.0 or newer Marshmallow, as this was the first version to natively support such sensors.

Also, the fingerprint sensor has to be compatible with API-level firmware.

Google Pixel Fingerprint Gestures

If these two conditions are met, the application Gestures fingerprint sensor offers the ability to customize at will.

Can be attached to shares in one or two taps successive and swipes in certain directions, with functions such as opening an app, start a special function of the phone (like flash), change some settings (turn on silent mode, open the notifications panel, power opening the menu) and the ability to scroll up or down.

While most of them are available on any device, some more advanced features require access “root”.


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