Google Pixel, hacked in less than a minute

Google Pixel is one of the most attractive smartphones on the end of this year, although it seems that is far from perfect.

A few months ago, Google has created detailed first smartphone under its own brand. It is still not a Nexus, although several sources have confirmed that production is HTC.

In any case, Google Pixel is an impressive smartphone from several points of view, and among the major strengths include the fact that bearing the Mountain View giant.

It seems that, unfortunately, even a well-built phone so secure as Google Pixel is as secure as its weakest link.

In a hacking competition held in Seoul – South Korea a few days ago, a team of white-hat hackers in China managed to hack Google smartphone in less than one minute.

Everything was Demonstrated live at PwnFest and involved exploiting a vulnerability that allows malicious code running on the remote Pixel.

Hackers took them less than a minute to put his plan into action.

Given that among the consequences of zero-day vulnerabilities that include the installation of applications without the phone user and without having physical access to the device is enormous gravity.

Worse than that is that a hacker can take advantage of this vulnerability in order to steal private data from your cell phone pocket.

The list includes data card when you use your phone for payments or logins on different websites.

In practice, the hackers used the phone without any wires, was seen for a few moments a window of Google Play, followed by Chrome automatically opened with the message 360 Pwned by Alpha Team.

Following demonstration of hacking, the team received a prize of $ 120,000. Meanwhile, Google patched the vulnerability exploited by hackers, except that you must do and update the phone to no longer be vulnerable.