Google Launches Trusted Contacts app, sharing where you are in case of emergencies

There is one application for anything in the world, whether you want to see in real time how long until your pizza arrives, or what is your cat doing at home while you are at work.

Well, Google launched application that allows sharing where you are in case of emergencies.

The concept of the emergencies soft is quite simple:

You create a list of people close to you with the touch of a button and you require attention or presence if something happened, any medical emergency or otherwise.

Now is Google’s turn to try such a solution that retains the basic formula, including a list of trusted friends or family members, you can contact.

Trusted Contacts

They will see your status updates if you are online if you changed your position on the map and where you were last active.

Relatives can request your location and you can confirm or deny if everything is OK or you are busy.

Trusted Contacts works well as tourists from volatile areas of the world, such as the Middle East, and South Korea say, where nearly 2 million people protesting in the streets these days.

You can download the APK from here

Google Trusted Contacts