Griffin shows MagSafe Alternatives for USB-C – and USB-A

Apple MagSafe can die – which calls Accessories manufacturers on the plan. Griffin has now presented various solutions: A magnetic USB cable C, charging with 100 Watt allowed, and first magnetic cable for conventional USB ports.

One year ago, presented Griffin on the CES with “Break Safe” USB C Cable with magnetic plug.

The 12-inch MacBook, which had to be the first to do without a MagSafe port, settled so recharge with a magnetic connector – which dissolves when the user stumbles over the cord.

Similar to the MacBook MagSafe is thus protected against falls.

Apple MagSafe

Since Apple the new models of the autumn MacBook Pro has released, this cable but no longer sufficient readily: you only support a limited amperage.

That’s why Griffin has now 2017. CES with the cable “Breakfast Safe Hi-Power” a variant announced that power at 20 volts and 5 amps, so transmits 100 watts. Thus, even the 15-inch MacBook Pro with full speed to be recharged.

Thus, even the 15-inch MacBook Pro with full speed to be recharged.

There is also the “Break Safe Magnetic USB Breakaway Adapter” for the first time a magnetic adapter for standard USB-A connectors: They ensure that these cables constitute a “security risk” more for laptops.

Fits to Griffin also announced network devices for the home and for the car, on the then can be charged smartphones or tablets.

Griffin called previously only information on price and availability for the USA: The Breakfast Safe Hi-Power Magnetic USB C Breakaway Cable will cost $ 39.99 and will be available in the second quarter 2017 Th The Break Safe Magnetic USB Breakaway adapter will be in the first quarter 2017 for $ 19.99.

The power supplies Break Safe Car Charger and Breakfast Safe Wall Charger will appear for each 39.99 US dollars in the second quarter 2017th