Holiday Laptop Shopping Guide

Many people are not fans of Black Friday, but you can’t deny its positive effect on your wallet – you can buy lots of high-quality products for extremely low prices.

And this is especially true for gadgets, PC hardware, and other items thousands of Black Friday lovers adore.

However, if you’ve missed this opportunity, don’t worry – the season of low prices and discounts continue in almost all online PC shops until New Year’s, and this is the time to do your shopping. If you want to get yourself or someone you love a great Christmas present, a new laptop is a way to go.

$ Purchase

If you’re looking for a great laptop, but your pockets aren’t as deep as you’d like them to be, you might find yourself in trouble – how much does a cheap laptop cost, and how good is it? Being skeptical is normal, but try not to worry too much: you can still get a nice laptop for a moderate amount of money.

Entry-level laptops are both affordable and user-friendly, so even inexperienced users can handle them easily. You can get them for $500 or less, and they’ll cover your basic needs – typing, editing and printing documents, browsing the Internet, listening to music, etc. They won’t have the best graphic card or CPU but will run well enough and have all the storage capacity you need.

$$ Purchase

For something more serious, you’ll have to open your piggy bank, but more money always means more options. Nevertheless, before even thinking about which model or brand you want to get, figure out the size of your new laptop.

There are a few categories and several features to consider – screen resolution, aspect ratio, and viewable megapixels, among other things – but keep in mind that the size of a laptop affects its price quite a bit.
For a mid-range purchase – from $600 to $1000 – you can choose between thin-and-light and 2-in-1 laptops.

The first option focuses on mobility and is mostly equipped with a 13-inch screen, so it’s light, stylish and can fit into any bag. 2-in-1 laptops, in contrast, look too simple at first, but offer numerous possibilities and can easily switch from personal to business use in a matter of seconds. So, whether you need a tablet or a real laptop – or even both – this is the one for you.

$$$ Purchase

If you’re into high-end options, you might want a business model or, if that’s your cup of tea, a gaming laptop. The first choice will set you apart from your colleagues, partners, and business associates, and a 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro or ThinkPad T440s will surely do wonders for your business image and your future career.
When looking for an awesome gaming laptop with a powerful graphic card, a great CPU, and enough memory, be prepared to spend between $1500 and $2000.

And if you’re into gaming that much, it’ll all be worth it. But, before you spend all your money on Acer Predator 17 or Razer Blade, think about saving some cash. Remember, during the holiday season, you can find cheap gaming laptops online and get the best value for your money, thus giving yourself the best Christmas gift ever.

Other Considerations

Lots of things can go wrong when you’re purchasing a new laptop, so try to avoid the most common mistakes – don’t pick the cheapest or the priciest model you can find, find the best possible screen resolution and try it before you buy it. Even though Christmas is just around the corner, you can still find time to search for some great offers.