How AVG Antivirus protects your smartphone

Your smartphone is probably the most important gadget you have. While some mobile phones tag a salty price of over a thousand dollar, the worth of your phone is not limited to its pricing.


What makes your phone more valuable than any other electronic device you own are its functions beyond making phone calls.

Your phone is linked with your social media profiles, email address, your financial accounts, and is the database of your private imagery. A malicious access on your mobile phone can cause a significant emotional and financial damage to your side. The best way you can help yourself to add more security to your phone is by installing an antivirus.

The truth is, manufacturers and mobile operating system developers such as Google and Apple take seriously your security. Google, as part of Play Services, installs on Android devices malware and spyware detectors to secure your device at a device level, cloud, and app store.

Although the security on Android and iOS devices is high, sometimes malicious apps slip through detectors and manage to get themselves installed onto millions of devices. The Judy Malware, for instance, might have infected over than 36 million Android devices and is believed to have been hidden among over than 40 apps that were available on Google Play Store for years.

Besides the built-in antivirus that comes pre-installed on your device, the manufacturers add to that their own technology in security. As Judy has infected all kinds of Android devices, appears that all of these measures were not sufficient to guarantee privacy and security.

Appears that the Samsung Virus Scan and other anti-malware technologies from among the most popular mobile manufacturers failed to stop this massive malware campaign branded as Judy. That’s a reason to believe that taking measures on your own is never too much. Is always better safe than sorry anyway.

AVG is among the most popular antivirus apps for phones currently available. It has over than 100 million installs and maintains a positive rating of 4.5 stars. It helps you continuously scan your device, prevents you from opening infected web pages from the browser, scans any app before it gets installed, and comes with a Find My Phone feature that comes handy at locating your device in case you misplace it or remotely erase the whole data in case you lose it.

In addition, via the AVG Antivirus, you can lock your most-needed apps or files with a passcode, monitor battery usage and adjust it according to your needs, or freely connect to available public WiFi connections because AVG will as well scan them before allowing you to connect (some WiFi connections are purposely designed to redirect you to virus-infected websites once you sign in to them, AVG has got you protected in that direction too).

AVG is one of the most popular and high-rated protection apps for mobile phones. It is widely used because it does the job of protecting your device and as well comes with additional features that are randomly found in other similar tools. And another reason why everyone seems to love AVG is that it is offered free of charge and upon installation, you gain 30-day free trial of its premium features.