HTC would adjust the price of its next high range: the HTC U 11 would be cheaper than the U Ultra

As much as some of us might like HTC, its history on Android and its terminals, it is not a secret that lately they are not surprising the public to lure it towards their products.

htc u 11

The Taiwanese manufacturer has a hard job to do if it wants to change its situation because the latest HTC U-Play and U Ultra are not having a good reception among people (and not surprising).

However, HTC has been working hard on its future terminal, the HTC U 11 (also known as Ocean), which would bring specifications to the latest with the novelty of its touch edges (called ‘Edge Sense’ ).

But this time what seems to attract attention is not an innovative feature, but its price, which may not be as high as the company’s latest high-end.

It is known by almost all that HTC does not put cheap prices for its products although they have humble specifications, and that is, to a large extent, what has put them on the edge of the abyss along with the lack of innovation.

The HTC U 11, however, could mean a change in the direction of the company, if the reports are true.

According to rumors, the new flagship Taiwanese would have a price that would not reach 662 dollars, something striking when the HTC U Ultra went on the market for 750 dollars in its most standard version and with hardware last year.

Of course, and assuming rumors are true, the amount could be modified according to the market in which the terminal is sold.

As a reminder, rumors say it will feature a 5.5-inch QHD display, the powerful 835 Snapdragon processor, 6 GB RAM, 64/128 GB storage and 3,000 mAh battery, so if you stand by Below the € 700 start, would not only win the battle to the HTC U Ultra, but could be placed as a rival to the Galaxy S8.

Tomorrow we will know if this good news is real or not. Do you think it will be true or will we be disappointed?