HTC U: flagship smartphone without physical buttons on first render images

The HTC U will be presented this month as a flagship smartphone, which has a unique operating concept and manages without physical keys. Now, there are renderings, which are supposed to prove this – but also raise questions.


HTC U without physical keys and fingerprint scanner?

Each smartphone usually has physical keys. Although the manufacturers are experimenting with the position, they have never completely abandoned it.

The HTC U is to become the first Android smartphone, which does exactly that.

A smartphone with no physical buttons on the sides, back, or front. Matching to this is rendering images, which should confirm this fact.

The alleged HTC U acts like a combination on HTC U Ultra and U-Play and at least on these pictures has no buttons. Even a fingerprint scanner is not visible.

How to switch on the smartphone?

This is exactly what we ask ourselves. We do not know an answer yet. A fingerprint scanner could be integrated into the display so that it basically works invisibly under the screen – but a power button could not be realized.

So we are very skeptical about the authenticity of the pictures.

The fact that the physical buttons on the side are missing, but has a reason. The edge is, in fact, touch-sensitive and can be used for an operation. If there were buttons there, the operating comfort would be definitely disturbed.

Currently, the smartphone sounds very innovative, but for ordinary users, it could simply be too futuristic and complicated.

If you have to inform yourself, how a device is switched on and operated, this is definitely not the right way. So the mass of the users would hardly want to deal – and exactly the HTC would in the current situation actually want to address.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the HTC lettering is located under the display in the middle and the edges on the sides look very narrow.

Visually while quite appealing, with regard to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 but somehow nothing special anymore. The technical equipment should be quite similar.