The HTC U11 is updated to include FullHD video recording at 60 fps and support for Bluetooth 5.0


The HTC U11 is possibly one of the most solid terminals that have been launched this year, and proof of this is the fact that its sales figures are better than those of its two predecessors.

However, it has a few shortcomings that more than one could throw back, as the controversial absence of the mini-jack that divides the community.

One of the things that surprised the owners of the phone is that, despite being a top of the range, it does not have the ability to record FullHD video at 60 fps. However, in HTC, either by the voice of users or because they thought to implement it later, an update is correcting this error by an OTA that is also bringing some new news.

The new update of the HTC U11, which is being distributed, brings FullHD video recording to 60 fps and support for Bluetooth 5.0.

The upgrade, in addition to the aforementioned FullHD video recording at 60 fps, will bring compatibility with Bluetooth 5.0 that, for some reason, did not come standard.

With this feature, the HTC U11 will be able to have (with this connectivity) a greater bandwidth, more reach to connect with other devices and a lower battery.

Unfortunately, in this OTA there are no additional functions for Edge Sense that HTC had promised, so it will be a bit longer to wait.

But what if it seems that will arrive will be a new security patch, presumably the one of August (at the moment has the one of June) and some stability improvements.

The arrival of this update has been announced by HTC Taiwan and is starting to appear on the HTC U11, so it should not take long to reach the rest of the world more than a few days, remember That the update occurs in a staggered way.

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