Huawei Mate 9: Use the bokeh mode to shoot photos in DSLR style – that’s it

The Leica dual-camera developed with Leica in the Huawei Mate 9 offers many features that allow a special effect for photos and videos. We took a closer look at the bokeh mode and shot photos with a very special effect.

Huawei Mate 9

Bokeh mode of the Huawei Mate 9 brings the special effect Smartphones have now almost completely displaced compact cameras from the market and are now penetrating into the professional field of photography. Special effects such as “bokeh” are known mostly from DSLR photography.

However, the Mate 9 of Huawei also has a mode of blurring the background to bring out the object or the person in the foreground.

This effect is realized with the dual camera from Leica. Since this is a software solution, the intensity of the effect can be adjusted individually.

The results we have achieved are impressive.

The bokeh mode is labeled “Large aperture” in the camera app and is displayed with a shutter icon on the left over the flash icon. When the symbol is touched, the function is activated and can be used directly.

When the bokeh mode is activated, another shutter symbol appears with a number in the upper right corner. Depending on the situation, you can decide how intense the bokeh effect should be.

The smaller the number, where 0.95 corresponds to the lowest value and 16 to the highest value, the stronger the effect becomes.

The best bokeh effect is achieved when the object to be photographed is quite close and the background is open, otherwise the images sometimes look too artificial.

If the autofocus does not focus the desired target automatically, you can set the focus manually with a simple touch of the display.

The result can be seen – even in difficult light conditions.

Change focus point later In contrast to a DSLR, which takes the photo with bokeh effect final, the focus point and the intensity of this effect can be changed later by the app.

Because the Huawei Mate 9 thanks to the large aperture cover the complete area and allow the post-processing in the photo app.

If you open an image that has been recorded in the bokeh mode, the shutter icon provides an extended editing. In addition, filters can still be set.

The result is held with a touch of the memory symbol. Bokeh mode also for videos The Huawei Mate 9 dominates the bokeh mode but not only in photos but also videos.

If you switch to the video mode, this function is also available.

Thus, in different situations, the focus can be placed on a particular object and this particular effect can also be generated in a video. There are no limits to creativity.