Huawei P10 increase interest with a new teaser before MWC

There are few more weeks until MWC 2017 and to launch new Huawei P10, but the Chinese are doing everything possible to increase the interest of potential customers.

Huawei P10

Huawei already has an impressive market share, especially in China, but that does not mean that they go to sleep. Asians trying to reach a varied audience with new handsets as cheaper and more expensive.

Last year they made waves with Huawei P9 first top smartphone manufacturer in collaboration with the German manufacturer Leica cameras.

On 2017 MWC we prepare to hear about the successor of that gadget.

P10 specifications related to the new Huawei began circulating on the Internet for months, but the interesting features were revealed to me right from Huawei in recent weeks.

The latest element of a comprehensive marketing campaign day arrived online in the form of teaser trailer above.

It has only 20 seconds and does not include too many direct references to the device, but promises to share in a few surprises at the time of its disclosure at Mobile World Congress.

On the one hand, the clip is rather mysterious, but manages to increase interest in the smartphone will be announced on February 26, and this is the most important detail. “Change the way the world sees you on you” is the slogan for the new clip which is inserted with a pair of eyes, an abstract reference to the fact that the Huawei P10 will likely have two main rooms on the back.

Otherwise, it seems that Huawei P10 will be released in two different diagonals with similar specifications.

Both will have a Quad HD panel with a resolution of at least 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage space. The process appears to be ensured by the latest CPU Kirin owner.

Opposite the price, we do not know then it will be the most expensive ever launched by the Chinese terminal.