Huawei P30 Pro receives another update. Especially interested in photography lovers

Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei continues to publish more than regular updates for its new Huawei P30 Pro and there is nothing to complain about. The previous update focused mainly on improving the user experience. However, this update adds a new feature to the camera application. It is called “Dual-View Mode”.

A feature that should come from the ground up

This convenience was presented during the actual introduction of the smartphone, but it comes to the device only now. The build number is EMUI and this moment is only available to users in home China. However, he will soon reach other countries.

On the video above, you can see what Dual-View Mode is all about. The function virtually connects two videos to each other, but one is shot by a primary camera and the other by a telephoto lens. In addition to the additional feature, the latest security patch that is in effect on April 2019 may not be missing.