iMac 2017 Might Come With Skylake Like MacBook Pro 2016

iMac 2017 Might Come With Skylake Just Like the MacBook Pro 2016Perhaps one of the highly anticipated desktops due to come next year is Apple’s iMac 2017.

According to rumors, Apple is still waiting on the Intel Kaby Lake processors that will power the upcoming desktop. Based on earlier reports, the 7th generation chip from Intel will get a public release sometime in January 2017.

Of course, for OEM manufacturers like Apple, samples would have been available to them before then. However, rumors of impending delay may mean that even the product samples are nowhere to be found.

Will this mean that Apple will release the upcoming iMac 2017 on a Skylake chip instead of the Kaby Lake?

In addition to this, the normal release date for iMacs happens around the Fall of each year. The first slim-body iMac was released on Nov. 2012 while the 5K display iMac was on Oct. 2015.

Chances are, the iMac 2017 will be released sometime around October of next year as well.

Between the January 2017 release of the Kaby Lake chip and iMac 2017 announcement, consumers are looking at a 10-month gap. A lot of things can happen between those 10 months.