Instagram: Autoplay of audio and news videos for Windows 10

Instagram: Autoplay

New for Instagram, one of the most popular social sharing photos. It starts with the new feature dedicated to the automatic reproduction of videos inserted in the feed, audio track included but only under certain conditions.

This is a feature introduced with a recent service update (still being deployed) that cannot be overly invasive. Starting the app, in fact, the videos will be played automatically, but without audio.

Just a simple touch on the movie to turn off the muting and listen to the audio track – at the same time, a small loudspeaker icon will appear in the lower left corner. All other videos will continue to be played automatically with active audio for the rest of the session.

Instagram: Autoplay

After you close and reopen the app, the movies will return to the default setting (autoplay, but without audio). In essence, a good compromise to accelerate the reproduction of movies without the user being bothered by an active audio.

The second group of news concerns the version of Instagram for Windows 10 (PC and mobile) that is destined for a new update. The new release, marked by version number 10.1096, introduces the following:

  • Effects applicable in the Stories
  • The “Look at All” entry has been introduced to view all contact histories
  • You can answer stories with a Photo or Video
  • Minimalizations and improvements
  • Correction of bugs