The iPhone 8 Plus has the best mobile camera on the market followed by the iPhone 8, according to DxOMark

iPhone 8 Plus

As we usually comment, the most common benchmarks on the market do not cover two of the main features of mobile phones. Neither AnTuTu nor GeekBench nor 3DMark can measure the performance or quality of cameras or screens objectively.

That is why you go to external laboratories, impartial, to make these measurements. DisplayMate is responsible for the screens of the DxOMark cameras.

It is the case that DxOMark usually produces analyzes that do not satisfy everyone, and that they are accused of favoring both brands, hence the new result of their latest tests is already causing a small schism among users.

According to DxOMark, the best mobile camera on the market, the new leader of its ranking, is the iPhone 8 Plus and followed closely the iPhone 8.

94 points for Apple

The previous generation of Apple also got to crown the ranking of DxOMark with 88 and 87 points for iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 that rose the ready compared to what was presented in 2016. But months later came the Google Pixel and was placed in the lead with 90 points , and in 2017 the HTC U11 did the same, sharing leadership and tying points with Google, or with themselves, as the Pixel was manufactured by HTC .

Now, with the new generation of Apple phones on the market and still missing an iPhone X that apparently does not fail in its efforts to arrive later than it promised, Apple again regains its head with two historical notes, of course.

94 points for the iPhone 8 Plus , which again sports a double camera, and 92 points for the iPhone 8.

For DxOMark, the iPhone 8 Plus takes the lead thanks to the dual camera, both for having optical zoom of two increases as for the shots with blur or bokeh, which we framed in the known as Portrait mode is obtained by combining the image both lenses.

Recall that DxOMark recently updated their analysis to be able to better evaluate this type of cameras .

Another great feature of the iPhone 8 Plus in the DxOMark analysis has to do with its HDR images. On the iPhone 8, DxOMark emphasizes that the photographs captured with the phone are “generally impressive” and have a very precise color, in addition to great detail.

For now, and lacking that other phones analyzed in the coming months can alter this ranking, such as the iPhone X, some of the Pixel or the Huawei Mate 10, it seems that we have new champion of the mobile camera market in 2017.

It is Apple with the iPhone 8 Plus, which also achieves the silver with the iPhone 8. The mobile photographic market is increasingly competing because, what will happen when it reaches 10?